The video games industry does not respect “early-gamers”.


The design of a video game requires investing in the work of many talents for several months or years, betting to offer a work that will meet its audience in the first days of its official release. The objective is of course to reimburse the entire development costs incurred, as well as to generate sufficient profit ensuring the growth of the studio and the financing of a new project.

In this particularly delicate and risky business management, the “early-gamer” has a key role in the sustainability of an independent video game studio. By buying a work in the first days of its release (or before thanks to the pre-order) it ensures the studio a sufficient financial entry allowing it to calmly envisage the future, thus avoiding the company to depend on loans or outside investment that can seriously impair the artistic freedom of a project (because let’s be honest, lending money always demands accountability in one way or another).

It is therefore unfortunate to note that the “early-gamers” are also those who are the most abused by the video game industry : buying their work at full price, at the risk of seeing their original experience marred by bugs (whose patches will arrive always too late), they will most often see the content of their video game evolve over the months via paid extensions, only to find that a “GOTY” version will arrive in the coming months at a preferential rate … The “delay-gamer », can only be satisfied ! But what about the frustration of the one who supported you from the start, without any compensation and without whom your initial project could not have been possible?

For Sakura Games®, the decision was therefore radical, although totally against the tide of what the entire gaming industry does :

The earlier our fans order their video game, the less it will cost them : 20% discount for a pre-order, then normal price on the release date. All possible additional content will remain completely free for them !

With each possible DLC, the overall price of our games will increase. The “delay-gamer” thus precisely supports our studio at the fairest price according to the new content offered. The “early-gamer” was rewarded for his loyalty by having had his game cheaper than if he had waited for strictly similar content !

Here is what seems to us the most fair and honest. Do not count on us for possible long-term promotions, you will not see it (except discount codes that you can find by following our media partners). Our best offers will therefore be made at each start of a new project, no more after.

See it as a way to support our best fans, and show them our gratitude.

See you soon for the next ticket, and until then play well ! 🙂

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